【Inter BEE 2013 TV】 Sunmuse exhibit the EQ plugin 'SurferEQ' from Israeli company Sound Radix; offers effective equalization of vocals, and other sounds with variable fundamental frequencies

2013.11.14 UP

SoundRadix SurferEQ

 Sunmuse held a demonstration of the Pi-Phase Interactions Mixer "Surfer EQ" from the Israeli compamy Sound Radix.
Equalizer type plugin. Supports seven bands, including HPF/LPF. Compatible with AAX (Avid Audio eXtension) etc. and operates with ProTools.
A demonstration was conducted at the venue where equalizing was performed on the sound of a whistle. The EQ cue point moved in conjunction with the pitch inputted, demonstrating a new degree of effectiveness in equalizing monotone sounds such as bass and vocals. The product will be launched by Sunmuse in the near future. It gives good results with sounds like vocals, whistles, and musical instruments whose fundamental frequency continuously varies with pitch.