[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Plat-Ease displays "Metazo" content and archive system and "Telecierge" real-time content viewing promotion service

2016.11.16 UP


At Inter BEE 2016, held over three days from November 16th (Wed.) to the 18th (Fri.), Plat-Ease will be presenting a variety of solutions aimed at business optimization and the facilitation of content viewing. Chief among these are "Metazo," a new content and archive system; and "Telecierge," a real-time content viewing promotion service that uses an API. The company will also be exhibiting its VOD/broadcasting content business (enabling broadcasting with program metadata added to encoding and content), its "ADCoA (pronounced "ad-co-ah")" advertising testing support system, and "Senbikiya Plus," its next-generation broadcast management system.

•"Metazo" content and archive system New
Metazo is a one-stop solution for video content management and metadata. Plat-Ease can offer this one-stop "content plus meta" solution thanks to the knowhow the company has accumulated in dealing with both metadata and content. The system enables transcoding into all file formats. It can transcode original content, advertising, and promo videos all at once, making multi-purpose use with a single source a reality.
The system will suggest the optimal media and location for an archive, in accordance with your purposes in using digitized content.
Plat-Ease takes charge of every aspect of verification of consent relating to publication. End-users can immediately publish the data they've obtained.
(1) Creates digital master available for secondary use anytime, anywhere
(2) Compatible with all file formats required for all types of services
(3) Enables creation and supplementation of metadata that might otherwise be lacking, through batch management of "content plus meta"
(4) Archives digitized content within the necessary time frame, with the optimal method, in the optimal location

•Metadata API services
Plat-Ease provides program metadata, including recommended program information from about 1000 titles added monthly by dedicated staff, and other information on program content.
Data obtained can be used on a wide variety of devices, for promotions of all kinds. Users can select the data they need from among general-purpose data, and adapt it to their purposes at a low cost.

•List of other products on display
Next-generation broadcast management system "Senbikiya Plus"
Advertising testing support system "ADCoA" (with test material delivery feature)
Recommended program service for data broadcasting "OSUSU/me"
4K/Local Archives
4K Tokushima Movie Festival
Tokushima Prefecture Information

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6F Ebisu East Building, 1-13-7 Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0012
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ICT/Cross Media / Hall 8 / 8301