【InterBEE 2013】Shoshin ― Using optical fibers to send 4K uncompressed video and KVM signals to enable remote operation over 40 km (Tokyo to Kawagoe and Totsuka)

2013.11.18 UP

Demonstration of 4K video transmission
Optical fiber transmission/extension device

Optical fiber transmission/extension device "VelocityKVM System-38"

Optical KVM matrix switcher

Optical KVM matrix switcher "MX48"

The Shoshin booth

The Shoshin booth

 Shoshin displayed the 4K optical fiber transmission/extension device "VelocityKVM System-38" and optical matrix switcher "MX48" from its catalog at InterBEE 2013. At the company's booth, it held a demonstration in which 4K video material and keyboard/mouse signals were sent via KVM-38 from a PC, and 4K video along with keyboard and mouse information were transmitted to a EIZO 4K-compatible 36.4 inch "DuraVision FDH3601" monitor (top photo).

■Transmission of uncompressed 4K video to a distance of up to 40 km
 A KVM extender is a device to transmit and extend keyboard, mouse, USB, and display output from a PC via optical fiber. The "VelocityKVM System-38" is an optical fiber KVM transmitter which can take Dual-Link DVI input. Using the patent-pending MRTS (multirate transmission system) technology, it realizes uncompressed and seamless DVI video transmission without frame loss. Mr. Seido Fujimoto, section chief of the Information Systems Sales Division explained that this product can "transmit and extend two Dual-Link DVI signals at 6.25 Gbps without compression and without frame loss, and thereby send 4K video content at light speed across distances up to 40 km apart, while maintaining the uncompressed state."
 To use this product, two Dual-Link DVI and audio, keyboard, and mouse input (via USB) are connected to the "KVM-38" from the remote editing system (PC), and this signal is transmitted to another "KVM-38" via optical cable. On the receiving "KVM-38" unit, two Dual-Link DVI outputs are transmitted to a 4K monitor, with keyboard, mouse, and audio also connected. This allows PC control while watching the 4K video.
 Furthermore, the 3U type 48x48 matrix switcher "MX48" is on hand. This device performs end-to-end routing of video and peripheral device signals, and transmits DVI, DualLink DVI, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, DualLink SDI, USB, HID, USB1.1, USB2.0, FireWire, Serial, PS/2, and audio, regardless of signal type, all over SingleMode or MultiMode optical fibers.

■Plans to provide a model compatible with 3G-SDI input
 The SDI/DVI extender "SDIXtream 3G series" is an optical fiber transmission/extension solution which allows not only Dual-Link DVI input but also 3G-SDI input. With regards to the introduction of this product to the Japanese market, the company stated that "in order to take into consideration customer needs made known at this InterBEE, product launch date is pending."

 According to the company, this optical fiber transmission/extension device allows, besides host production, transmission for large conference rooms and presentation rooms in hospitals and educational institutions.

Address: Suruga Building 6F, 1-7-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022