Inter BEE 2016 TV: Demonstration of 12-channel 8K Super Hi-Vision Transmission Using NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories' MMT

2016.11.16 UP

Kota Sasaki - 7107 NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories, 8K Super Hi-Vision transmission technology using MM

NHK's Science and Technology Research Laboratories appeared at Inter BEE 2016, held for 3 days from the 16th (Wed) to the 18th at Makuhari Messe, and displayed a demonstration of their media transmission technology, MMT (MPEG Media Transport), used in 8K Super Hi-Vision satellite broadcasting, an experimental broadcast that they began trialing in August.
MMT is able to transmit different kinds of data, such as images and sound, in the same way, regardless of whether it is broadcast or transmitted down communication lines. The demonstration this time transmitted a 12-channel 8K Super Hi-Vision transmission of programs along a 10km fiber optic cable, and demonstrated channel surfing in the same way as on a television.

NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories
1-10-11 Kinuta, Setagaya-ku Tokyo 157-8510
Exhibitor category / hall / exhibition stand number:
Video expression/professional lighting / hall 7 / 7107