【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Totsu International showcases Miranda's 4K/60p-compatible multi-viewer, demonstrates integration with large-scale switchers, and offers 4K/8K solutions

2013.11.14 UP

Multiviewer System 'Miranda Series'

 Totsu International (booth 7406) is presenting Miranda's 'iControl' network-style total monitoring system, which integrates their 4K/60p compatible multiviewer and the large-scale hybrid routing switcher 'Nvision'. With this system, users can monitor 4K, HD and IP feeds at the same time. They are demonstrating the Penalty Box function, which causes problematic video feeds to pop up when something goes wrong.
At the display for Avid Technology's 'Motion Graphics Version 2.53' there are demos of real-time rendering of 3D characters and objects simultaneously using both Deko and AMG.
Also on display is the automotive model of General Dynamics' 'CINEFLEX' aerial camera stabilization mechanism.