【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Sogyo offer more sizes of 'talking posters'

2013.11.15 UP

Emergency sine wave AC power source
Sound signage

Sound signage

Sogyo (booth: 8307) is exhibiting Viscotecs Sound Signage 'VSS' and an emergency sine wave AC power source, etc.
 'Talking posters' were also on display at last year's Inter BEE 2012, but now in addition to A0 and B1 sizes, a B2 size is also available, so there are more variations in poster size. The entirety of the black sheet on the back functions as a speaker.
 The posters are 1.5 mm thick. A tapestry is printed on the front. The tapestries can be switched freely. One possible use is having a promotional poster for a television program play a promotional message. They come with a battery allowing for use in heretofore dead spaces such as ceilings. They have two AC output ports, and can connect via USB, supporting 300 W. The posters use 3 W of energy per day. The batteries are those currently being used for weather reports etc. at major broadcast companies.
 The distortion rate is under 3%. They weigh only 7.2 kg, making them very portable. They can also be charged via solar panels.