Inter BEE 2016 TV: IDX exhibits "CW-F25", which allows wireless transmission of 4K video at a maximum of 2 km in the unlicensed 5 GHz band. Equipped with camera control and communication function.

2016.11.24 UP

6514_1_DUO_C190 DUO-C95


IDX participated at the Inter BEE 2016 and presented various products such as battery, charger, accessory, wireless video transmission system, TVLogic monitor, etc.

The wireless system "CW-F25" allows you to transmit 4K video signals wirelessly at a maximum of 2km. Although it is to be used in the 5 GHz band, it is equipped with 4x4 MIMO, OFDM, beam forming technology, etc. Therefore, CC system, which is usually conducted wired, can now be conducted wirelessly.
In order to ensure communication between the transmitter side (camera operator) and the receiver side (center), for the first time as a wireless transmission system, it is equipped with intercom, tally and return line besides the video main line signal transmission. By using a remote controller that supports IP connection control via LAN terminal and a camera, you can control the camera from the center side.
The "DFS" (Dynamic Frequency Selection) function installed to this product automatically modifies the used frequency so that it does not disturb public communication systems.
At the booth, we conducted demonstration based on actual cases of adoption, where visitors could experience 3 types of applications. Demonstrations included video transmission, remote control of sensor camera, transmission of income, return, tally and main signal while remote controlling a Sony or Panasonic camera.

"DUO-C190" "DUO-C95"
We exhibited the new products of the DUO-C series, "DUO-C190" and "DUO-C95", which are compact V mount multifunctional batteries that can supply power to camera and peripheral equipment. By adopting high density cells, it has become more compact reducing volume by 30% and realizing a 190 watt model in the size of a conventional 150 watt model.
The DUO series is characterized by the existence of D tap and USB terminal. With the sensor terminal at the center of the D tap, it is possible to charge directly from an AC power supply using a small charger. It allows you to go shooting on location with light equipment, and is optimal for one-man shooting.

In addition, we exhibited TVlogic's new products "LUM-171G" and "LUM-240G". We introduced our lineup including high-end type 4K monitor that supports 4K shooting and production scenes, compact high brightness monitor, multiple monitor, etc.
Moreover, we also introduced our new products such as "VL-2000S", which is a charger equipped with the life plus function that keeps an eye on the battery life, super compact charger "VL-DT1" that can be used from a D-tap Avd. connector, and products that are scheduled to be released at next year's NAB2017.

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