【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Promise Technology propose file base compatible storage solutions for 4K/8K image creation environments

2015.11.27 UP

Pegasus2 series
VTrak series, Vess series

VTrak series, Vess series

Promise Technology displayed their storage solution lineup for file base work flows compatible with ever improving 4K/8K resolution image creation environments.
<VTrak A/G-Class>
 VTrak A/G-Class is a high speed shared storage solution for rich media content. It is a high end solution that allows stress free data sharing from multiple terminals.

<Vess R2600 PRO>
 The new Vess R2600 PRO is a fast, high capacity NAS solution for managing high resolution data in a LAN environment. Utilizing 10G-T Ethernet allows configuration of high capacity shared storage with great cost performance. Furthermore, its redundant controller, redundant power source, and RAID functions provide high availabilty.

<Pegasus2 シリーズ>
 The Pegasus2 series is a Thunderbolt2 compatible storage solution. It provides easy storage for handling 4K content with its 4TB - 48TB configuration.