[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Hewlett-Packard Japan demos a variety of solutions for content management and delivery, as well as viewer experience enhancement

2016.11.16 UP

HPE Media Workflow Master 3 (MWM3)
HPE Video Performance Platform (VPP)

HPE Video Performance Platform (VPP)

HPE Virtual Headend Manager (vHM)

HPE Virtual Headend Manager (vHM)

At Inter BEE 2016, held over three days from November 16th (Wed.) to the 18th (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe, Hewlett-Packard Japan is demoing three solutions: their content management solution, content delivery solution, and viewer experience enhancement solution.

(1) Content management solution: "HPE Media Workflow Master 3 (MWM3)"
By automating the content management workflow from ingestion, to transcoding, to QC, to publishing, this solution makes work more efficient, reduces complexity, and provides a more flexible kind of content management. It also enables the reduction of operating costs.
This solution uses open architecture, so it can integrate with existing platforms and broadcast equipment, enabling a unified content workflow and centralized video asset management.

(2) Content delivery solution: "HPE Virtual Headend Manager (vHM)"
This solution provides batch management of equipment from multiple vendors, as well as a fully IP-based, virtualized headend. In addition to minimizing downtime, it enables efficient resource control. The dynamic launch of new channel streams is now possible.

(3) Viewer experience enhancement solution: "HPE Video Performance Platform (VPP)"
This solution collects and visualizes log data including CDNs, service requests on distribution devices, and traffic loads. It's made with early-stage problem-solving and service KPI improvement in mind.
It automates real-time analysis of distribution status as well as the visual display of problem areas, reduces downtime, and provides efficient resource control.

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