【Inter BEE 2015 TV】 MIC Associates shows Tiger Technology's high-density storage system compatible with 16Gb and enabling a high-density, 56-unit SSD/HDD RAID.

2015.11.19 UP

Tiger Box integrated SAN shared storage appliance

MIC Associates' theme was "High-performance video-editing infrastructure without file transfers." (Video and Broadcast Equipment, Hall 6, Booth 6118). Centering on the Tiger Series 4K-compatible SAN sharing solution, they showed high-density RAID storage compatible with 16Gb and their own virtual file server.
Being the Japanese distributor of Tiger Technology products, they demonstrated a shared workspace management using Tiger Technology's high-performance SAN file "Tiger Series" and replication functions.
Tiger Box is an integrated SAN shared storage appliance with a storage function, metadata controller function, and SAN sharing functions. It is suited for a small- to medium-scale rich media editing workflow. The front of the housing can be fitted with 16 3.5-inch drives. Adding an expanded housing can increase the capacity to 480 TB.
The client can be selected with 1Gb/10Gb Ethernet or an 8Gb/16Gb Fibre Channel interface. Up to 16 units can be connected directly to the back of the housing. They also offer the SMB/CIFS sharing service to enable hybrid sharing with SAN and NAS.
The Tiger Serve1 SAN shared controller has a 1U compact housing fitted with a high-performance metadata controller function. It is highly compatible with general-purpose storage and can be connected via 10Gb Ethernet or an 8Gb/16Gb Fibre Channel interface.
With a switch in the connection, the storage and client node can be scaled out. It is suited for small-scale post production departments and users looking for a simple alternative to Xsan.
Compatible with 16Gb, the DRS4854 high-density storage system is a high-density, 56-bay RAID storage. The 4U housing has 56 SAS/SDD 3.5-inch HDD drives. It is a proven RAID and solid storage solution. With the architecture, dual redundant power supplies, fan, and active-active controller, it guarantees the maximum operation time. By adding an expanded housing, the capacity can be increased to 1 PB within the 12U space.
Playback is possible without dropping any 4K frames. It provides the performance required by video editing such as multiple and simultaneous streaming in 2K, HD and 3D content, rendering, and a streaming environment. It is also suitable as an archiving system.