【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Sanshin Electronics Mobile Relay System "LiveU" flagship model USB communication terminal with a maximum of 8 circuits allows for stable image relay from any domestic location.

2015.11.19 UP

LU Series

Sanshin Electronics will introduce the mobile relay system LiveU at their Inter BEE booth (image/broadcast equipment specialty, booth number 5610).

LiveU's "LU200" is a mobile relay solution for high-quality images. At approximately 500 grams, it is the lightest in the series. This small transmission device is palm-sized. It comes equipped with the ability to be mounted to a camera or various other devices.
A maximum of 6 circuits can be used. The inner 2 circuits allow for direct insertion by MicroSIM. This feature includes authentication technology.
Others include Wi-Fi, wired LAN, and the ability to conduct live relay by using the 2-unit, 4G/LTE-compatible USB data communication terminal. Setup is as simple as turning the power on. Then, you can immediately start transferring via the easy button interface or remote control.

"LU500" is the flagship mobile relay solution model. It is an optimal solution for daily news footage, relay, and content transfer. Also compatible with immediate relay start.
The internal battery is equipped to provide 3 hours of continuous operation and amazing activation.
An adapter is provided to connect the V mount camera battery, which provides continuous use beyond 3 hours. The USB communication terminal can use up to 8 circuits. Individual carriers can make multiple connections, allowing for reliable image relay from all over the country.