[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Totsu International: Demonstration of a working implementation of an IP solution offered by Grass Valley. Our exhibition will feature not just working models of our selection of aerial filming drones but a dual-axis shake-resistant gimbal from Bradley for visitors to take into consideration.

2016.11.25 UP

GV NODE IP-SDI Processing Routing Switcher

Totsu International’s exhibit at Inter BEE 2016 will have a working implementation of Grass Valley’s IP solution using a combination of the latest hardware.
An IP-based routing switcher, an SDI-IP converter, and a multiviewer are among the equipment used. The structure of the file, “pakapaka”, and loudness among other criteria were tested for on videos stored as a file to check video and audio quality. A workflow incorporating Vidcheck’s QC offering for automatic correction is suggested.
Furthermore, we use a 4K-compatible encoder/decoder from Streambox, which has the capability to transmit high-quality live streams even on a narrow band due to a unique codec. A mobile encoder for use on a mobile network will be on display.
The latest character generator products, including D.O.T’s 4K products will also be shown.
As for aerial filming equipment, our exhibit will include the Cineflex Ultra from GD: the gold standard in camera stabilization equipment. A model of Intuitive Aerial’s Aerigon, professional filming drone that will hit Japan for the first time, will displayed alongside Ribbon Shift, Willburt’s lifting apparatus. Bradley’s dual-axis camera stabilizer will also be on display so viewers can take it into consideration.

Main Products To Be Displayed
GV Node (new product)
The GV Node is a real-time routing switcher compatible with both IP and 3G-SDI. It allows for both switching via vertical blanking and a Densite Series interface board with a multiviewer. It is possible to expand this system using commercially-available Ethernet switches. It includes input and output ports for both IP SMPTE 2022-6 and 3G-SDI, and additionally, by using the TICO compression format, a 4K/8K system can be set up using just a few cables. Since the system uses FPGAs, support for additional formats can be added in the future.

Videcheker and Vidfixer, offered by Videcheck, are automatic QC applications on Windows for monitoring the quality of file-based media which is highly cost-effective, fast, easy to navigate, and easy to integrate into any file-based workflow. Its video and audio quality check and automatic correction features can handle file structure checking/repairing, “pakapaka”, and loudness for videos stored as files. APIs for integration into file-based systems are also included.

An encoder/decoder provided by the American corporation Streambox will be on display. Thanks to its unique codec, ACT-L3, even when the environment allows for only a narrow network band, it can deliver high quality video with little delay.
It can provide the same quality or better with a 51-74% lower bitrate compared to H.264. Because of its LDMP (Low Delay Multi-Path) technology, it can use multiple public or private networks simultaneously. It chooses the best communication bands, lag, and resolution automatically so that even when the network bands fall, it minimizes the probability of video being cut.
Since it can provide high quality video at a low bitrate, it reduces network usage costs and running costs drastically.

Other products displayed
Intelligent Tally System/Camera Stabilization Equipment/Filming Car with Adjustable Pole on Roof/Character Generator D.O.T/Selector for 3G/HD-SDI Input Monitoring/Ingest File Conversion System

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