[Inter BEE 2016 TV] Intel Intel Exhibits Encoder/Decoders that are Compatible with Video Compressing Codecs, such as HEVC and VP9

2016.11.17 UP

Intel Software Development Product for Media

At Inter BEE 2016, held at Makuhari Messe over 3 days from November 16th (Wed) to 18th (Fri), Intel exhibited encoder/decoder products that are compatible with the video compressing codecs, such as HEVC and VP9, developed by Intel Software.

■ Intel Media Server Studio
A media solution development package for servers, containing an SDK and analysis tools that effectively utilize the GPU implemented in Intel processors. Media applications optimized for the latest Intel processors can be developed rapidly.

■ Intel Video Pro Analyzer
A detailed analysis tool that enables easy understanding of how the video is being encoded by visually displaying the coding flow, heat map, movement vectors, predicted frames, and quality for the compressed video.

■ Intel Stress Bitstreams and Encoder
Provides various functions to debug decoders compatible with HEVC and VP9. By placing a wide range of loads on the decoder, latent issues are brought to light.

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