Inter Bee 2015 TV: Introducing Fuchu Giken's Lineup of Monitoring and Control Equipment Including Transmitters/Repeaters

2015.11.20 UP

FM relay equipment

Fuchu Giken (Booth No. 6207 in the Video and Broadcast Equipment category) is displaying the full set of transmitters used in a Nagasaki Broadcasting Company relay station as well as a provisional FM transmitting station.
As a manufacturer of devices for FM radio transmission, the lineup includes transmitters, repeaters, and various kinds of monitoring and control equipment. This year, the exhibit will feature a relay-station-specific rack and will especially seek to illustrate the communication control that can be accomplished with a recording studio. While support for prefectural FM broadcasters is a given, the varied lineup also seeks to appeal to AM broadcasters seeking to complement their transmission in FM as well as FM community broadcasters.