【Inter BEE 2015 TV】 LSI multi-type, Real Time Subtitle System MXF Subtitle Solution on display.

2015.11.20 UP

MXF Subtitle Solution
Real Time Subtitle System

Real Time Subtitle System

LSI will be displaying the Real Time Subtitle System MXF Subtitle Solution at their booth for Inter BEE 2015 (video/broadcast equipment specialty, booth number 5509).

A terminal for the real time input of subtitles. Real time input is carried out via relay.

Equipment that allows you to post news manuscripts beforehand and send out subtitles.

Changes spoken words into text data through respeak voice recognition.

Using the above 3 methods, sent text data can be accepted, edited, and sent to an inserter with this terminal.

This software creates ARIB/NAB subtitles.
Subtitles using proxy data can be created to coordinate with SONY's XDCAM.

This software overlays files created by subtitle creation software with MXF files. Depending on the task function, multiple files can be automatically processed.

This software allows you to preview MXF files on a PC after overlaying subtitles. Subtitle display (HD/SD/mobile) can be switched before confirming.