【Inter BEE 2015 TV】Moubic presents Vislink-made 4K-capable real-time HEVC encoder UltraCoder

2015.11.19 UP


Moubic, at their company booth (Video and Broadcast Equipment category, booth number 5108) at Inter BEE 2015, displayed products new and familiar from their major partners Vislink, Newtec, and Ericsson, as well as a selection of original, in-house products.
Vislink's new UltraCoder is an H.265/HEVC real-time encoder. It supports 4K, HD, and SD.
The Mantis MSAT is Vislink's all-purpose portable Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) system. With the Mantis MSAT, it is possible to begin transmitting about ten minutes after arriving on location. Its satellite acquisition support functionality makes it possible to use even without a spectrum analyzer.
Newtec's MCX7000 multi-carrier satellite gateway is well-suited to raw signal acquisition and distribution. Packaged with one modulator and up to three demodulators, the MCX7000 allows users to save on both costs and space.