【Inter BEE 2016 TV】Exhibition of MI Seven Japan's "ROLI Seaboard RISE", a gesture controlled MIDI controller.

2016.11.17 UP

Seaboard RISE
StudioLive AR Hybrid Mixer

StudioLive AR Hybrid Mixer



For 3 days, from November 16th (Wednesday) to 18th (Friday), MI Seven Japan exhibited at Inter BEE 2016 at Makuhari Messe, and an exhibition of brands unveiling new products in Japan took place.

Zynaptiq sales manager Mr. Jason E Davies was invited as a guest to perform demos. There was also an introduction to the MUSIC Ecosystem where, depending on the group, recording, content creation and distribution, and listening were all offered. At the 9.0 height Surround experience corner special guests provided information and trial listening sessions. (required advanced reservation).

■StudioLive AR Hybrid Mixer(new product)
The StudioLive AR Hybrid Mixer is equipped with the connections and control needed for mixing and recording on stage, in the studio, and in rehearsal.
It integrates an analog mixer with a mic input equipped with a PreSonus class A preamp, 3 band EQ, etc., with a 24 bit 96kHZ USB audio interface capabilities. It is a truly hybrid mixer, equipped with an SD card slot and live recording or backing track reproduction capability.

■Vicoustic(new product)
Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Vicoustic are leading providers in high quality acoustic panel solutions for offices, restaurants, schools, and music studios.

■Seaboard RISE(new product)
MIDI controller "ROLI Seaboard RISE" provides direct gesture control through its silicon Keywave surface. It can handle the specialist multi-dimensional software synthesizer Equator, and can connect to computer, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth.

■ Other exhibiting products
Zynaptiq software
Softube software and hardware
MicW and LUCI

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