Inter BEE 2018 - NGC exhibits Ethernet configurable SAN, high capacity tape library, displays total video editing system for the field

2018.11.6 UP

Quantum StorNext SAN FC-free 100Gb storage area network

Quantum StorNext SAN FC-free 100Gb storage area network

CIARA TITAN 4208-G4 multi-feed system can activate up to 8 OS

CIARA TITAN 4208-G4 multi-feed system can activate up to 8 OS

 “We are rolling out the kind of system integration that shows first-hand that video editing professionals can finally work with ease and quickness. The product group we will be showcasing at Inter BEE is essential to such a total solution and consulting effort.” That is how Kazuto Harada, NGC BSI Sales Section 3 Chief, describes the company’s participation at Inter BEE 2018 (Hall 6, Booth 6401). NGC will be presenting the components and hands-on experience of a total editing system suitable for the field at their booth at Inter BEE 2018 from 11/14 (Wed.) to 11/16 (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe. The company has experts in both hardware and software, enabling them to offer integrated solutions.

■Ethernet Configurable SAN Without Optical Fibre
 One of the central features of the NGC Inter BEE 2018 booth will be the StorNext SAN storage area network that employs a 100Gb network by Quantum without using an FC switch. Conventional SANs have been constructed with Fibre Channel (FC) connections using optical fibre. With the StorNext SAN, it is possible to replace these FC connections with 100Gbps Ethernet. This helps reduce costs and equipment failure rates associated with optical fibre, and enables building of an SAN with ample performance using only Ethernet.

 Harada explained, “As Ethernet speeds have accelerated, it has become easier to offer it as a replacement for optical fibre. Rather than mere catalog prices, NGC is presenting the opportunity to actually experience the network using real machines and applications through the medium of editing machines. We are using our expertise in fields like RAID construction and network configuration to provide a practical experience with the high speed of StorNext SAN, which includes one hour of frameless uncompressed 4K video playback.”

■Meeting Needs in the Field with Tape Library, Multi-feed System, and More
 NGC will also be exhibiting a new product by Quantum, the Quantum Scalar i3, an auto-backup LTO tape library that uses the the StorNext storage manager. Cloud storage has become widely used in the video production world, but since the legacy tape culture is also important to practical work in the field, products will continue to be provided to address that niche market. Harada says, “Backup is still a great long-term need for low-cost tape. With the latest verison of LTO (Linear Tape-Open), LTO8, up to 12TB of data can be stored on one cartridge, enabling high capacity data storage at a lower cost than cloud storage. Incorporating products like this with features like automatic backup into the workflow provides solutions that conform to needs in the field.”

 Also on exhibit will be a new multi-feed system designed to improve efficiency and mobility of editing machines. The TITAN 4208-G4 made by CIARA enables selection and activation of up to eight types of OS on a one-device system. Editing machines are high-priced devices equipped with high-speed CPUs, but when they are loaded with operating systems like Linux or Windows, and applications like Flame and DaVinci, they have low operating ratios and are inefficient. Adopting this latest multi-feed system updated with a Xeon scalable processor as the CPU enables efficient sharing and use of high-speed equipment with multiple operating systems and applications. NGC also plans a participatory demonstration of editing machine solutions using a virtual environment, offering visitors a peek into the future of editing machine efficiency.

■Studio Booking System with Attendance Management and More
 The NGC booth will showcase a variety of solutions in addition to their core focus on hardware. One of those solutions will be NGC RISINGC, a studio booking system the company developed for production, post-production, and rental equipment companies. This solution has already been implemented by roughly 30 companies to aid TV station operations and post-production. The key feature of RISINGC is that it is completely customizable, which enables each user to handle a wide variety of attendance management tasks, from studio bookings and director and editor engagement history, to actual operation data, as well as various data processing tasks to suit individual needs.

 NGC hopes that these kinds of existing solutions will also appeal to visitors to their Inter BEE booth. Additionally, they will attempt to convey the depth of the total solutions they offer, with demonstrations of recently trending VR camera and sport viewing solutions.

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