Inter BEE 2015 TV: IBEX Technology exhibits the HLD-300C, an ultra-low latency H.264 codec -- achieves 10ms codec speed for smooth live presentation

2015.11.18 UP


At Inter BEE 2015, IBEX Technology (video and broadcast equipment, booth #5407) exhibits the HLD-300C, and ultra-low latency H.264 codec. This codec draws on the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec used in the HLD-3000 line, the higher-spec model sold by the company, while presenting it in a smaller and lighter weight formfactor in this IP & DVB-ASI transmitter. As a half-duplex codec, it supports switching between encoder and decoder functions.

The codec speed is 0.01s (10ms) and achieves smooth feedback in live broadcasts. On the showfloor, IBEX gave a demo of an IP video broadcast between Tokyo and their office in Kudanshita, with video and audio showing no lag.

IBEX Technology is a Japanese manufacturer that develops and sells ultra-low latency codecs developed in-house. Using the superiority of FPGA-based IP, it has equipped an MPEG-2 decoder with the functionality to monitor audio and video in real time. When an abnormality is detected, it issues an SNMP Trap, transforming into a monitoring device. These and other solutions offer functionality that would not be found in a dedicated LSI.