【Inter BEE 2015 TV】 NHK ITEC exhibits Wi-Fi system for broadcasting information on tourism and disaster prevention Transmits information via Wi-Fi multicast during emergencies

2015.11.19 UP

FM synchronous broadcasting system

 NHK ITEC demonstrated five major systems below along with others at its Inter BEE 2015 booth.

1. 4K/8K Related (SHV System)
 NHK ITEC introduced a small and practical optical interface device, the [OPT-TX/RX-MD2] panel, which complies with the “Interface for Ultra-High Definition Television Production Systems Standard” (ARIB STD-B58). An 8K editing system incorporating this device was featured at Panasonic’s private booth.

2. “Raku-raku (hassle-free)” wireless relay system
 With demand for a smaller and more lightweight version of the conventional “raku-raku” walking set, NHK ITEC exhibited a device fulfilling these demands with this wireless relay system directed toward cable television networks and companies involved in producing television programs.

3. Wi-Fi system for broadcasting tourism and disaster prevention information
 This system usually transmits information such as information on tourism or on public administration as a normal Wi-Fi access point, while it enables information to be broadcast to smartphone and tablet devices from access points established in places such as shelters, city halls, and hospitals via a Wi-Fi multicast during times of emergency.

4. Simultaneous TS recording device/SDI automatic detection switcher
 The successor to the simultaneous TS recording device, the TSR-400 was developed and its handy web browser viewing features were introduced — a feature that has changed from the conventional device — during the demonstration. An actual HMC3000, the successor to the simultaneous SDI automatic detection switcher, was also on display.

5. FM synchronous broadcasting system and others
Using a digital FM modulator, this FM broadcast system delivers high-precision synchronous FM broadcasting.