[Inter BEE 2014] Brightcove introduces their video distribution and advertisement service "Brightcove Once" and exhibits "ZENCODER," which implements transcoding on the cloud

2015.1.15 UP

Introduction of the

Introduction of the "Brightcove Once" video advertisement solution at the Brightcove booth


The "Brightcove Once" function of preventing ad skipping when videos are viewed on a browser


The "Brightcove ZENCODER" demo. You can see 3 status bars showing the progress of encoding

At their 2014 Inter BEE booth, Brightcove demoed their "Brightcove Once" service which offers a cloud-based video advertisement insertion solution. In order to encourage returns from video content distributed on the internet, a monetising solution has been proposed in this product. The company's cloud-based transcoding service "Brightcove ZENCODER" was also introduced and displayed.

■ "Brightcove Once" seamlessly integrates advertisements into online distributed video content for TV
At their booth, Brightcove was mainly introducing their video advertisement distribution solution, "Brightcove Once." Using server-side ad stitching technology, it's now possible to distribute video advertisements without having to do anything at the terminal. It's already possible to distribute advertisements through online video content for computers and smartphones, but now it will even be possible to distribute them to existing TV units as well, through Brightcove Once. To be specific, this service utilizes HTML5 technology and allows companies to freely stitch adverts into original videos on the server. On the TV side, by using a web browser as a platform, it can play video content with adverts already inserted. Brightcove emphasized that for commercial broadcast companies that are putting in efforts for online streaming for missed TV shows, the increase in their stockpile of advertisements can lead to increased proceeds.
As for functionality, they also demonstrated hiding of playback controls, so that it is possible to prevent fast-forwarding through advertisements when watching videos on the Internet on a computer, etc.
Brightcove US, Brightcove's parent company, acquired Unicorn Media, a company that specialized in cloud video advertisement distribution and video stream stitching in January 2014. They explained that Brightcove Once inherited the "Once" technology that used to belong to this acquisition.

■ "Brightcove ZENCODER" capable of transcoding better than real-time
The one other thing that was demonstrated at the Brightcove booth was their cloud encoding service "Brightcove ZENCODER." This is a solution that allows for the co-existence of expandability and low operating costs, through conducting format encoding for each file through cloud computing resources.
Brightcove field sales representative Hayao Yamashita explained that "one strong point of this service is its rapid transcoding capabilities. It makes it possible to transcode in half the time of real-time, which will lead to a reduction in work hours. In addition, through utilizing the rapidity of the service, it can also be used in live broadcasts to create multiple file formats in real-time."
(*A report on exhibition content from Inter BEE 2014, held at Makuhari Messe between November 19th-21st)