[Inter BEE 2014 TV] Kyoshin Communications demoes 4K60P editing using latest version of Mistika software, shows 261'' super wide angle video 4K LED signage with world's smallest pitch of 1.5mm

2014.11.21 UP

SGO's Mistika
Silicon Core's hi-fi LED display system

Silicon Core's hi-fi LED display system

Kyoshin Communications installed three areas at its booth for Inter BEE 2014: a post-production solutions area, a signage solutions area, and a shooting solutions area, demoing workflows using the latest equipment.

■Version 8 demo of Mistika -- new features include 4K60P XVC write out 

The post production solutions area revolved around shared storage, and workflows for ingestion, 4K/HD non-linear editing, and MA editing were on view. This included SGO's Mistika, a total toolbox for compositing and color grading, which had its own dedicated space. Representatives talked about the new version 8's ability to perform 4K60P editing.
Mistika is an online finishing system that offers a total workflow for editing, color grading, compositing, titling, and DCP all from on the set through to finishing. It is being use today on the set of Hollywood films.

The latest version supports CGI object metadata, 4K60P XVC write out, AAF, and many other features. The Precision Control Panel also adds intuitive control for Mistika's many features, giving colorists numerous areas to explore.

■SKEED's Silver Bullet achieves high-speed, stable file transfer

The post production solutions area revolved around shared storage and showed ingestion, 4K/HD nonlinear editing, and MA editing workflows. SKEED's Silver Bullet was exhibited there, showing how software and module integration could achieve file transfers and content streaming up to seventy times faster than the norm. This system offers secure file transfer and data streaming while achieving high speeds. In addition to uses for online file transfer, the tool can be put to use for SDK-based download of apps and games for smartphones, photo and video data upload and download, and other approaches. It speeds up transfers over mobile, satellite, cable, ADSL and other connections, and also supports HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) MPEG Dash, and other streaming content formats.

■261'' super wide angle view hi-fi LED shows off potential for 4K signage

At the signage solutions area, a Silicon Core unit was on display. This hi-fi LED display system offers 1.5mm pitch, the world's smallest, and consists of several LED units combined to create a large 261'' screen. Being shown was 4K footage with high luminance and a super wide angle view.

Lastly, at the shooting solutions area, the latest 4K cameras and backup tools were on view. The company pitched the way its products offer a total solution for storing footage at the shooting site.