Inter BEE 2016 TV: Japan Material exhibits new products of American company's 4K HDR compatible signage player "BrightSign" and H.264 encoder that synthesizes and distributes video, audio and image.

2016.11.24 UP

Forum Assist
Matrox Monarch LCS

Matrox Monarch LCS

Japan Material participated at the Inter BEE 2016 and exhibited various solutions to video and signage as a sales agent of excellent product manufacturers around the world including Canada's Matrox and America's Bright Sign. In addition, the company also exhibited the originally developed congress relay system "Forrum Assist".

Forrum Assist's concept is one-man operation, and it allows you to easily control broadcast quality telops by yourself by using a touch panel. It is easy to manipulate; just tap an icon on the touch panel. It can be interlocked with a camera to display telops.

Matrox's latest product "Monarch LCS" is a H.264 encoder that allows you to synthesize video, audio and presentation materials and then distribute and record it on one machine. It is suitable for medical sites and educational sites. It also allows you to take in SDI or HDI video and, by conducting P in P or Side by Side synthesis, you can distribute and record it as an encoder.
You can control the video's bit rate or P in P on a browser.

American company BrightSign's new product "BrightSign" series 3 is a 4K HDR compatible signage player. It is equipped with state of the art technology that realizes an ideal signage. We exhibited the new series released in November for the first time in Japan. The lineup includes top level models equipped with 4K video engine and HTML/graphics engine

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