【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Onkyo Tokki showcases the TESIRA Server 10, the world's first AV dedicated DSP with Ethernet AVB, capable of 420×420 audio transmission.

2013.11.14 UP



 Onkyo Tokki will be exhibiting upgraded models of their AX Series speakers for EAW QX399 stationary units, packed with several newly introduced features. In particular, the new models combine quad woofers with mid-high range coaxial units, making them usable with large-scale equipment. The lineup consists of five models, each with different directional features.

 The MACKIE 1604VLZ4 analog mixer employs an Onyx preamp, resulting in high headroom and low noise. The CXD4.5 QSC power amp can effectively distribute power across all necessary channels. The onboard DSP is capable of internal mixing, delay, and loudspeaker processing.
 BIAMP SYSTEM's digital network server 'TESIRA Server 10' is the world's first AVB (Audio Video Bridging) equipped DSP. It is capable of 420×420 audio transmission.