【Inter BEE 2013 TV】Photron offers an array of digital work-flow solutions, showcases 4K RAW and Dolby Atmos compatible DI mastering system

2013.11.15 UP

Photron-miniMAM demo
Virtual Studio Package demo

Virtual Studio Package demo

4K DI mastering systems

4K DI mastering systems

 Photron presented a wide range of solutions, from recording to editing (grading, trans-coding), to transmission and archiving, centered around a theme of, "The Evolution of Digital Work-flow: from HD to 4K.”
 Exhibition of the Vizrt Virtual Studio Package has brought to life the concept of utilizing hand-held sensors while conserving space. Additionally, they are demonstrating virtual sports broadcasting equipment using solutions comparable to EVS.
 Photron-miniMAM provides MAM (media asset management) solutions for the effective use of digital video assets. Photron held a demo entitled, ”The Photron-miniMAM on an Hitachi LTO Archive System,” wherein the Photron-miniMAM was used as the UI for a Hitachi LTO archiving program. One of its best features is that, using the miniMAM as a core engine, it can be customized-to-order to meet the needs of the customer. Use of external controls for LTO, NAS, or HDD storage, trans-coding, QC, etc. is available.
 Photron will also introduce DVS products by Rohde & Schwarz. The Clipster is a DI mastering system that can handle resolution up to 4K. It is capable of decoding, color correction, and playback of 4K RAW data in real time. The machine has gathered wide-ranging support in the DCP production industry. The latest version is quickly compatible with Dolby Atmos, which is being called “the next generation in cinema audio.” Atmos was first introduced to theaters in Japan on November 22nd, at TOHO Cinemas Lalaport Funabashi. It is also compatible with next-gen MXF formats like IMF and ASO2, making it a great product for the DI mastering of the future.
 The VENICE 2U/4U, a DVS multi-channel I/O scheduled recording system which made its debut at Inter BEE 2012, is also on exhibition. A demonstration of a 4K monitor display from a direct recording in 2U 4K XAVC format was presented.
 SpycerBOX is a storage solution that can handle up to 8K resolution. The SAN REMO GUI web-based SAN management tool enables the user to simplify their management, maintenance, and storage configurations, and is SATA, SAS, and SSD compatible. The new SpycerBox Flex SSD model is capable of handling uncompressed 4K/8K real-time playback, with a maximum capacity of 96TB, allowing uncompressed 8K real-time streaming on one machine in a compact 5-unit space.

 “4K” has become a buzzword recently, and Photron has showcased this technology from all different angles, in each of their exhibition corners (EVS corner [sport network integration], DVS corner [4K media production hub], Vizrt corner, Avid corner [next-gen file based management], grading and restoration systems corner [4K color grading], Photron-miniMAM/SIGNIANT corner, Telestream corner, Training solutions corner, HARBOR corner).