Inter BEE 2014: CTCSP debuts Elemental multi-screen delivery platform; hosts the Transcode Challenge Project for on-the-spot BYO data conversion

2014.10.28 UP

Elemental Delta workflow diagram

Elemental Delta workflow diagram

Elemental Delta settings screen

Elemental Delta settings screen

  CTCSP (HQ: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) will exhibit at Inter BEE 2014 for three days from Nov. 19th (Wed.) thru Nov. 21st (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe (booth no. 5605). This year, the company is showcasing delivery systems centered around the Elemental Live live encoder supporting 4K/H.265 and the Elemental Server transcoder, based on the theme of “Software-Defined Video Platforms: the forefront of video delivery systems.” They also plan the Japan debut of the new Elemental Delta product lineup that was announced at IBC 2014.

■ Japan debut of new Elemental Delta lineup announced at IBC 2014
  The new Elemental Delta product lineup announced at IBC 2014 by U.S. company Elemental Technologies is a multi-screen video delivery platform that combines a diverse array of viewing services and an efficient delivery architecture. It can operate in the cloud (including private clouds) or as a virtual machine on a server. CTCSP CDS sales department chief Tetsuhiro Tomita explained, “This will provide not only a traditional appliance, but the software as well.”

■ H.264 and H.265/HECV support
 Elemental Delta supports Adobe HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming), Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and international-standard MPEG-DASH formats, enabling multi-screen delivery of on-demand, live, and time shift services. It also supports H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC compression formats and several digital rights management (DRM) systems.

■ On-the-fly protocol repackaging
 Elemental Delta ingests streams delivered from an encoder then automatically repackages them for delivery to multiple devices such as smartphones, televisions, and PC’s. For example, an H.246 TS input from an encoder is partitioned into different packets, such as HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) for iPhone/iPad or Smooth Streaming for a PC, and deployed to its memory. This enables generation of live or VOD playlists the instant a request from a device is received.

 The system also enables functions such as catch-up TV (viewing what was missed), start-over TV (viewing from the beginning mid-broadcast), VOD, and targeted advertising during live delivery. All of these functions and their respective input sources, output protocols, and delivery destinations can be configured simply by combining filters on the settings screen.

■ Transcode Challenge Project: hands-on experience of transcoder performance and quality
  CTCSP also hosted the Transcode Challenge Project in their booth this year. “Attendees will be able to bring in their own source files and use them to experience first-hand the processing speed and image quality of the Elemental Server transcoder,” Tomita explained. Visitors have to register in advance on the company’s website to participate in this project.

 In addition, the company also plans to showcase the latest in multi-screen delivery with demos of 4K/H.265 VOD with Elemental Server and OTT (Over The Top).

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