【Inter BEE 2015 TV】NTT Advanced Technology display the noise canceling headset mic "R-Talk HS310" and the file transcoder "RealFeel FileConvert4K"

2015.11.18 UP

R-Talk HS310

NTT Advanced Technology display the Intelligent Mic Series noise canceling headset mic "R-Talk HS310" at their Inter BEE 2015 booth (Video and Broadcast Related Equipment Section/Hall 5/5301).
The "R-Talk HS310" makes communication and voice recognition possible for construction workers in the broadcasting industry and workers who work in noisy environments.
At their booth you can experience for yourself just how easy it is to communicate even in a noisy environment such as the exhibition hall. Combining with the voice recognition system also allows you to experience how voice recognition is made possible even in noisy environments.
Content folders, content transmitters, and the Sier file transcoder application "RealFeel FileConvert4K" are equipped with a high-performance encoding engine. Easy file transcoding is made possible at a low cost. At the booth they introduce how to use the transcoder application, play 4K60P@HEVC12Mbps video, and introduce RealFeel FileConvert and HEVCDecoder road maps.