[ Inter BEE 2013 TV ] Grass Valley's GV Director non-linear production center integrates three features: live camera source, video server, and character generator

2013.11.15 UP

GV Director

With a theme of "Grass Valley World," Grass Valley is introducing a full product line with a focus on live production and file-based news production.
The newly-launched GV Director non-linear production center is on display. It attracted great attention when it was announced at NAB this year. It is packaged all-in-one with three features -- a live camera source (previously unavailable in conventional switchers), a video server, and a character generator. It also comes equipped with 2D/3D graphics, disk recorder, multi- viewer, and IP converter functions. Original effects can be created on GV Composer and then used directly in GV Director. Transitions can be processed using through the GPU. These tools allow creation of footage exactly as videographers intended. Operation is simple, using a touch screen, assignable buttons and a lever arm.
Grass Valley is also exhibiting its LDX Compact cameras, the HDWS3GX/REXCEEDX1000 series of non-linear editing systems, the CommandCenter total control application, and other products. Also on display is the K2Summit3G/K2SAN/STRATUS video server, the nucleus of the company's file-based systems; the LDX Camera System live production system; the Karrera production center, the K2Dyno replay system, and other products.