[Inter BEE 2015 TV] NiSi showcases a wide range of cinematic filters—including Nano IR ND—that do not cause color cast and boast excellent anti-reflection and water resistance

2015.11.19 UP

Cinematic filters

NiSi is showcasing various cinematography lens filters, such as their Nano Infrared (IR) Neutral Density (ND) series, Nano IR Graduated Neutral Density (GND) series, and polarizers, at their booth at Inter BEE 2015 (Booth #5102).
Some features of NiSi’s cinematic filters are that they do not use laminated glass, do not cause color cast, are anti-reflective, and are extremely waterproof. Using their original Nano coating technology, NiSi’s cinematic filters have completely changed the laminated glass technology that has been used in the industry for many decades and have succeeded in achieving high-resolution, high-quality videography. At each stage of the production process, whether it’s mixing the basic materials, cutting the glass, rough grinding, precision grinding, or polishing, various processing technologies are rigorously put to use to ensure the desired surface properties and curvature of optical glass. Nano optical coating technology enables filter color and coating density to be adjusted so that lens flare is removed, even when strong sunlight is present. Through a special hydrophobic treatment, NiSi’s cinematic filter lenses are highly water-repellent, eliminating water drops as soon as they fall on the lens and leaving no traces behind. In addition, an oleophobic coating keeps the lens surface clean and protects the lens from various stains. Both sides of the lens are treated with a coating material that prevents the aluminum and chromium layers from reflecting light. Both sides of the lens are further treated with an anti-glare coating to prevent the occurrence of ghost images.