[Inter BEE 2015] Synthax Japan displays the world's smallest portable audio interface "RME MADI face XT"—Compatible with USB3, equipped with a variety of input and output options

2015.11.19 UP

Multifunction AD/DA converter
Portable audio interface

Portable audio interface "RME MADI face XT"

 Synthax Japan is introducing a variety of use cases of MADI at their booth at Inter BEE 2015 (Pro Audio Section / Hall 1/1515). This product has become a staple in fields such as broadcast and live recording. They are also conducting hands-on display of their other RME products, as well as Ferrofish, Magix SEQUOIA, and other brands that they handle.

In addition, at the MI7/Synthax/ResoNetz group booth, they are displaying a MUSIC EcoSystem from recording to content creation, delivery, and listening. They also conduct a daily seminar with special guests (pre-registration necessary).

Seminar details: https://www.mi7.co.jp/interbee2015/

[Main exhibit products]
The world's smallest portable audio interface "RME MADI face XT" is now compatible with USB3 for the first time in the world. It can handle hundreds of audio channels. In addition to a 3-system MADI, there are 2 digitally controlled mic/line preamps systems, 2 balanced output systems, and 1 stereo phone output system, and it can be used as a complete I/O set at live events and studios.
Use methods are limitless, such as fully stand-alone operation with remote control via MADI, or unlimited mixing, routing, and processing with TotalMix FX.
You can also connect the RME Advanced Remote Control (optional) which provides convenient desktop operation to the MADIface XT unit, and control it remotely.
The new multi-function AD/DA converter product "Ferrofish A32" has analog input and output with 32 channels each, and realizes stable performance in the studio and at live events on-site. With it, you can control MADI input and output (also supports MIDI over MADI) and four ADAT input and output systems, and high-quality sound 32-channel analog input and output with an intuitively controlled four-panel TFT LCD screen.
The analog MADI converter "Ferrofish A32" is the successor model of the popular low-cost analog MADI converter "Ferrofish A16 Mk-II." By replacing the analog input and output TRS connectors with D-Sub-XLR connectors, it realizes a high cost performance with 32 analog input/output channels and a 4-system ADAT input/output analog output in a one-unit size.
The DAW system "MAGIX Sequoia" offers high-precision audio processing and excellent operability due to efficient source/destination editing. Due to the capabilities in state-of-the-art restoration, loudness measurement functions, etc., it has mainly obtained support in classical music production, broadcast, and in the field of mastering.
The latest version "Sequoia 13" improves work efficiency in loudness adjustment and file-based content management, and provides new features which expand workflows especially in the broadcast field.