【Inter BEE 2013 TV】 Media Garden LED illumination system from Litepanels on display; delivers 2 kilowatt light intensity with only 350 watts

2013.11.13 UP

Litepanels/LED illumination system  Fresnel-style Sola
Litepanels/LED illumination system  Fresnel-style Inca

Litepanels/LED illumination system Fresnel-style Inca

Panel-style Hilio

Panel-style Hilio

 Media Garden (booth: 8319) exhibits an LED illumination system from Litepanels. The product is easy to use, features adjustable color temperature, and can run on battery power.
 For Fresnel-style lights, the daytime Solas and the tungsten-style Incas are also on display. The Incas are equipped with a 4-inch lens, and the tungsten light can be dimmed and brightened. Solas and Incas in both the 6-inch styles and 12-inch tungsten styles are demonstrated. They boast 2 kilowatts of light intensity while consuming only 350 watts of power, so they can even run on residential power.
 The 'Hilio', a small, panel-style LED light, uses 114 watts of power yet is comparable to a 575-watt HMI. It uses a small battery but can run for over an hour, making it perfect for shooting on location.