【Inter BEE 2013 TV】 Ardis Technologies Ethernet high-speed shared storage 'DDP' Provides 100 MB/s with G-Ethernet connection New function enables user bandwidth control during operation

2013.11.15 UP

Dynamic Drive Pool

Ardis Technologies exhibited their high-speed shared storage server 'DDP' (Dynamic Drive Pool).
DDP is an Ethernet-based shared storage server (can be used as SAN or NAS) that does not require Fiber Channel. Unlike ordinary file servers and NAS, it utilizes the 'iSCSI' protocol for handling SCSI commands over IP networks. It is capable of 100 MB/s with a single gigabit Ethernet connection and 200 MB/s via two gigabit Ethernet connections. The maximum capacity is 1-4 TB.
At the exhibition, Ardis demonstrated the bandwidth control function utilizing the shared storage feature. On the management screen, the user can easily select registered client PCs and check read/write speeds as well as set maximums. Previously in Version 3, it was necessary to unmount temporarily, but a new feature enables changes to be made dynamically during operation. DDP supports Mac and Windows and requires no licensing fees, they said.