[Inter BEE 2015] Hibino Exhibition of the JBL PROFESSIONAL line array speaker highest level series, the "VTX Series"

2015.11.19 UP

1 VTX Series

At their own booth at Inter BEE 2015 (Pro audio category, booth number 1412) the line array speaker "VTX Series " is exhibited.

The "VTX Series" is the highest level series of JBL PROFESSIONAL line array speakers. Employing the latest in speaker design, output quality is increased, while cabinet size and mass is kept to a minimum. With superior output acoustic pressure, distortion quality characteristics and directivity control, this is the ideal speaker system when the highest quality sound quality is needed. The compact cabinet will not obstruct the view of guest seating or photography points, and may increase venue capacity.

Due to its light weight while hanging, even venues with strict loading conditions can use multi-stage line arrays. Further, due to the possibility of setting up with a small amount of people in a short amount of time, transportation time is also saved.

At the exhibition booth, the joining together of the VTX Series large size model, the "VTX-V25", and the small size model, the "VTX-V20", for down-fill use is introduced.