[Inter BEE 2014] JBS Cross Wirecam for remote photography, the multicopter aerial photography system

2015.1.23 UP

JBS Cross exhibited photography related equipment, mainly from their VARAVON line of camera accessories, such as the Blackmagic design "URSA" (EF/PL and others), TILTA camera accessories, Matrix Light LED camera lights for ENG, and more.
Of their VARAVON products, they demonstrated their "WIRECAM," suitable for concerts, events, and stadiums, as well as the "BIRDYCAM" 3-axis camera gimbal.
The WIRECAM, as the name suggests, is a device suspended from wire that can take dynamic aerial videos. With the included remote control, it is possible to film while controlling the camera's movements. It has a wide range of applications, such as sports matches and school events.
The BIRDYCAM is a gimbal equipped with a stabilizer for DSLR cameras.
JBS Cross also exhibited their multicopter aerial photography system "Eagle Eye." It features the industry's first 60x zoom. With this, you can see hard to reach areas and areas where helicopter noise would pose a problem, without getting too close.

(This is a report of the Inter BEE 2014 exhibition held at Makuhari Messe, November 19th–21st, 2014)