[Inter BEE 2016 TV] The Roland HD AV Mixer VR-4HD is now available! A video switcher, audio mixer and capture box, all in A4 size

2016.11.17 UP

3308, Roland, V-1SDI 3G-SDI Video Switcher


Roland ran two booths at Inter BEE 2016, featuring Video Production/Broadcasting Equipment (3308) and Professional Audio (3211), over three days from November 16th (Wed.) to the 18th (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe.

The Video Production / Broadcast Equipment (3308) featured not only the public debut of the VR-4HD, an HD AV mixer, but also the V-1 SDI, an HD-Video switcher that lets pros work on 3G-SDI/HDMI anywhere, and more.
The VR-4HD is an AV mixer that works as a compact HD studio. It features an HD-compatible 1080p video switcher, digital audio mixer, touch monitor, and USB video capture box in an A4 size.
It features an intuitive operation system that makes a variety of video and audio operations able to be done alone. Switch images by simply touching the built-in, multi-view touch display.

The following products were also exhibited as part of the Video Production/Broadcasting Equipment booth:
○The V-1200HD, a video switcher equipped with a 2M/E switcher, processor, and audio functions

○The XS-SDI, an expansion interface for the V-1200HD that works with 3G/HD/SD-SDI
○Four-slot SSD specification. The PR-810HD is capable of quick-response playback of full HD uncompressed video, corresponding to time code
○The XS series features eight inputs for HDMI/RGB, and is an all-in-one with scaler and processor, audio mixer, and matrix AV switcher
○The V-1HD is a compact HD video switcher that edits pictures and has a small body that can be carried anywhere
○The PR-810HD is capable of quick-response playback of full HD uncompressed video, corresponding to time code
○The VC-1 series is a mini-converter that works with Levels A&B of lossless conversion

The professional audio booth featured hands-on broadcasting stations/live sets, and other new products.
The main products were as follows:
○The OHRCA M-5000/5000C is a 96 kHz compatible digital mixer capable of free assignment of 128ch internal input/output configuration

○Dante/MADI/Waves SoundGrid option board for the OHRCA M-5000/5000C
○The M-48, a queue box that allows the player to freely control the balance of the monitor mix
○The M-300 / 200i a V-mixer with a compact body

○The REAC, a feature-filled digital voice transmission machine
○The R-88/44, a field recorder that works with 24 bit/192 kHz
○The SRA-5050A, a compact amplifier equipped with a mixing function

[Roland Corportation]
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Video Production/Broadcast Equipment /Hall 3/3308

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Professional Audio/Hall 3/3211