Inter BEE 2013: Crypton Future Media showcased its free sound management software MUTANT, which enables searching and purchasing of sounds based on keywords and images

2013.11.20 UP

Crypton Future Media showcased a sound download service making use of its sound management software MUTANT (above photo). Sounds are provided from the library of the sound distribution site SONICWIRE.COM (, operated by the same company. MUTANT is free management software for use with this service. Using MUTANT enables you to search, purchase, and manage sound clips more efficiently. The company’s booth featured a demonstration that let visitors personally experience MUTANT's ease-of-use, as well as other features.

■ Provides tens of thousands of sounds including sound effects and background music
The library contains tens of thousands of sounds, including sound effects and background music. The sounds are license-free, so they can be used for a variety of purposes. The sounds include various pieces of information such as keywords, descriptions, and waveforms. You can display this information by using MUTANT. Checking the information enables you to easily understand the characteristics of a sound clip.
The service also features a search function, enabling you to quickly select sounds matching your intended use by entering keywords based on what you have in mind. You can then listen to the sound to check whether it is what you were looking for.

■ Game content usage is expanding, in addition to TV show sound effects and background music
The library features sounds created by the leading US professional recording company Hollywood Edge and the world’s preeminent sound effect developer Sound Ideas, as well as a variety of sounds produced by Japanese creators. “The fact that you can easily get a wide variety of sounds and use them, without worry because the rights are all taken care of, are big advantages,” according to the presenter.
In addition to being used for sound effects and background music for TV shows and video productions, more recently the service has been increasingly used for game content as well. The library is updated periodically with new sounds.
Sounds can be purchased one or more at a time. Sound effects are available for purchase starting at around ¥150, and background music at a few hundred yen. They also offer sound packs with anywhere from several to dozens of sounds. These sell from around ¥8,000.

Headquarters: 11th floor of Nissay Sapporo Building, 4-chome, 1-1 Kita-3-Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-0003