Inter BEE 2015 TV: Harmonic Japan exhibits Electra XVM, a virtualization media processor, and the Spectrum X media server

2015.11.18 UP



At Inter BEE 2015, Harmonic (video and broadcast equipment, hall 3, booth #3308) demoed a game-changing IP video workflow and a range of Ultra HD/4K and virtualization solutions geared at maximizing the value of content.

Electra X is a fully integrated advanced media processor that is platform-agnostic and supports Ultra HD/4K. Also seen was the Spectrum X, an advanced media server designed to support the seamless transition to an IP-based broadcast workflow. This was the first time many of these varied solutions were shown in Japan.

The new Electra XVM is a virtualization media processor that integrates high quality graphics branding and graphics and TS playout functionality in one tool. The company demoed the processor and the way the Harmonic VOSTM technology offers a fully automated virtual IP workflow that supports all video formats and codecs.

Similarly, the new ChannelPort, a Spectrum X media server, provides SDI and IP I/O in a single unit, offering an AVC format Ultra HD/4K workflow through the integrated branding and graphics Spectrum X media server. In terms of a Spectrum video server and ChannelPort (TM) based channel, branding, and playout solution, the company is demoing the Polaris (TM) Advance ICP (integrated channel playout), an automation system being used for advanced branding and channel playout.