Inter BEE 2013 TV: Village Island showcased VillageStudio 4K Player capable of 4K 60p playback and supporting a variety of formats including HEVC, XAVC, and more

2013.11.15 UP

Village Island’s VillageStudio 4K Player with support for 4K 60p
Demonstration in conjunction with Toshiba 4K LCD display

Demonstration in conjunction with Toshiba 4K LCD display

Village Island, a provider of digital broadcasting solutions, showcased the DTA-2111 PC board by the Dutch company DekTec as a modulation solution with support for ISDB-Tmm multimedia broadcasting.
Also on display was their new VillageStudio 4K Player, a player with support for 4K 60p. In addition, they showed the VillageFlow Ver.3, which supports TV distribution within large facilities, hotel TV, digital signage, and the like.
They also presented various solutions from Thomson and a real-time JPEG 2000 solution capable of 4K 60p I/O.

■ High-performance 4K playback at 4K 60p 10bit
The VillageStudio 4K is a 4K content player and multi-format delivery appliance compatible with codecs such as HEVC, H.264, XAVC, and JPEG 2000. With support for 60p frame rates, the player is fully capable of handling fast-moving video in sports footage and the like.
“Until now, 4K displays and 4K cameras had already become popular, but the development of equipment for playing content was lagging a bit behind. We were the first company to put equipment capable of 4K 60p 10bit on the market. We hope to use this exhibition as an opportunity to expand sales,“ said Shizunobu Hirai, head of the company’s Japanese sales department.

■ Ideally-suited to digital signage and the like
At the exhibition, Village Island conducted a demonstration showing 4K content playing on their own 4K player on the large screen of a 58-inch 4K LCD display from Toshiba. “This product is ideal for demonstrations and exhibitions as well as digital signage and the like. Our equipment attracted attention at the exhibition because people are expecting more opportunities to show 4K content in the time to come. This high-performance 4K player can even be used for video evaluation by TV manufacturers and the like,” said Hirai, expressing his desire for future market expansion.
(Kazunori Yamazaki)