【Inter BEE 2013】Gracenote: EyeQ InScreen TV Program Info, Recommendation Display Adopted By Sony For 28-Plus Countries, 19,800 Channels; Second Screen & Content Recognition Technology

2013.11.20 UP

Sony’s Bravia service using Gracenote’s eyeQ

Sony’s Bravia service using Gracenote’s eyeQ

 Gracenote will show its eyeQ television-watching enhancement solution that offers detailed program-related information for viewers, and interactive platform Entourage that works with TV programming. The Gracenote booth will feature live demos that show off new possibilities for TV. (Pictured above is an example of Gracenote Entourage in action.)

■Display Program-Related Info, Recommendations With Existing Remote
 Gracenote eyeQ recognizes the television program currently onscreen and displays detailed information related to that program. The staff explain, "If it’s a drama or a movie, you can get caught up on the story so far. It could also display head shots and profiles of the actors with information on their previous works.”
 It also includes smart recommendation functionality. Using info related to the movie or TV program such as the genre, actors, creators, content etc., it analyzes the user's taste and makes program recommendations.
 The TV program related info is collected in a database covering more than 28 countries and 19,800 channels. More than 30 languages are supported.
 In Japan this technology has been adopted by Sony. The technology is standard in Sony's Bravia series of LCD TVs as an additional service. Users simply need to press a button on their remote to get detailed program information and quickly find programs they want to watch.

■Expanding Program Related Content Using Smart Devices
 Gracenote Entourage is an automatic content recognition platform that uses audio fingerprinting technology. The staff explain, "By installing the recognition client in your smart phone or tablet, it will be able to 'hear' the dialogue or sound from a TV program and recognize what it is." The dialogue or sound is picked up using the device's built in microphone.
 Once the program is recognized, related information can be displayed using the Gracenote database, and a variety of services synchronized with the TV program become possible. All manner of actions become available for viewers at home. For example, viewers can enjoy bonus content while watching the main program or take part in live votes or promotions. The goal is to provide services that use smart phones and tablets as the TV's second screen.
In Japan Yomiuri Television has adopted the Entourage technology. In August of this year they initiated a "Summer Vacation Uchida Brothers and The Great Detective Conan Stamp Rally Present Campaign," a service where viewers could collect stamps by tuning in each week. As the staff explain, "The technology can detect not only TV programs but the commercials as well, so it allows for more possibilities in terms of interactive commercials as well."

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