【Inter BEE 2015 TV】CTCSP showed DOGAlian, a full-featured appliance with all the recording, management, and transmitting functions required for a video sharing service.

2015.11.20 UP

Elemental Live

Elemental Live

 At Inter BEE 2015, CTCSP (Booth 6305) showed DOGAlian, a video management and sharing appliance that can accept videos as they are received.
The appliance is just a box with all the recording, management, and transmitting features required by a video-sharing service geared for multiple devices. Web pages for the viewer are created automatically, and the videos can be easily embedded on existing portals. Effective for a wide variety of applications such as sharing information in-house, classroom teaching, showing videos at an event, or promoting something.
Elemental Live is a high-performance live encoder for multiple 4K devices. It is used as a GPU or video-processing engine. It can process multiple videos simultaneously and enable adaptive bitrate streaming. It thereby makes possible live streaming of videos at high quality and high efficiency.

DOGAlian includes recording functions geared for Elemental Live. There are no complicated encoder settings and operations. The recording and live settings and routine device maintenance can all be done with just a pulldown menu and button.