[Inter BEE 2015 TV] Otaritec GENELEC, Inc. exhibits its 1234A 3-way main monitoring system equipped with acoustic characteristic optimization capabilities Achieves a 125dbSPL maximum peak sound pressure level

2015.11.27 UP

1234A three-way main monitoring system

Otaritec is showing the 1234A 3-way main monitoring system made by GENELEC, the pioneer in studio active monitor speakers, which were first introduced at IBC2015. This is GENELEC’s first new large monitor product in 16 years. It comes equipped with left and right channels, and power amplifiers for rear left and right are also built in. This is an improved model of the 1034B from 16 years ago. With a computer and a measuring microphone, it sets the acoustic characteristics to be optimally aligned to the room, and delivers a maximum peak sound pressure level of 125dbSPL. With sufficient power for a wide variety of music studios, broadcasters, and MA studios, mixing work can be accomplished with its flat, neutral sound.
 From among LAWO's products, the A Line audio interface unit
first exhibited at IBC2015 is being shown. Successor to the LAWO mc2 console, the A line is an IP interface unit with a wide dynamic range and ultra-low distortion for high-quality audio. RAVENNA / AES67