【InterBEE 2013】Z3 Japan ― Conducting demo of real-time decoding of 4K video from a USB 3.0 memory stick

2013.11.18 UP

4K decoder demo
Z3-MVE-100 H.264 encoder device

Z3-MVE-100 H.264 encoder device

 At Inter BEE 2013, Z3 Japan displayed the Z3-MVE-100, American company Z3 Technology's new H.264 broadcast encoder module. Additionally, the company conducted a demo of 4K decoding using the Z3-DM8169-4K-RPS 4K decoder board equipped with TI's DM8169 general purpose DSP board.

■ Z3-MVE-100 H.264 encoder system
 The Z3-MVE-100 is an H.264 encoder system utilizing Texas Instruments' (TI) DM8169 general purpose DSP. The unit is compatible with 1080p60 and supports MPREG-2 TS and RTP. Interfaces are 1x 3G-SDI input, 1x HDMI/DVI input, 1x component input, 1x ASI output, 1x GigE, and 1x HDMI output. In addition, this board supports both encoding and decoding.
 Z3 explained that the special characteristics of the product include "its compact size and low heat output, as well as its use of general purpose DSP. Additionally, the omission of certain features, such as a relatively long latency of 200-280 milliseconds, results in a price less than half that of encoder/decoders sold by other manufacturers."

■ 4K decoding demo conducted
 Z3 conducted a 4K decoding demo using the Z3-DM8169-4K-RPS decoder board equipped with the DM8169, TI's general purpose DSP board. A USB memory stick holding 4K video was attached to the board's USB port, and the video was decoded and displayed on a monitor connected via Ultra HDMI cable. Z3 explained that this board was only a demonstration unit and there are no plans to sell it.

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