【Inter BEE 2013】Sennheiser ― Displaying its frequency reallocation-compliant D9000 series digital wireless microphone, delivering high quality sound with uncompressed transmission

2013.11.13 UP

Digital wireless D9000

 Sennheiser (booth 4308) is displaying its new D9000 series digital wireless microphone. With its uncompressed transmission feature, the D9000 delivers a high-quality sound. The digitized data is left uncompressed and is transmitted by radio waves. Because it does not use the compand system usually found in analog wireless mics, the D9000 achieves a sound quality close to that produced by wired mics. The D9000 series occupies the pre-reallocation whitespace frequency range. It is now powered by a lithium-ion battery instead of a dry-cell, and can be handheld for five and a half consecutive hours, or six and half hours if using the two-piece.
 In addition to its own products, such as the D9000, Sennheiser is also displaying Neumann's products. For the duration of the exhibition, seminars with the subjects "Introduction to the D9000" and "About frequency reallocation and the new products using the white space" will be held hourly.