【Inter BEE 2014 TV】DPS-J, a Technonet group company demonstrating Visual unity’s vuMediaTM, award winning multi-screen OTT solution.

2014.12.12 UP

Visual Unity

Mr. Tomas Petru, CEO of Visual Unity, is presenting their latest version of its Award-winning vuMediaTM multi-screen end-to-end OTT solution.
This is the first time Visual Unity is putting major focus on an Inter BEE exhibit. They are seeing great potential for vuMediaTM in the Asian market. vuMediaTM now includes a large library of new languages for administrator user interface. Their vuMediaTM solution is unique in that it can support not only current smart phones and PCs, but also legacy devices like Nokia, Blackberry cell phones, STBs and smart TVs.
Visual Unity can supply vuMediaTM in two formats: as a platform or just software.