【Inter BEE 2014 TV】The Diverse application of Cinemax Vertical and Horizontal Filming Equipment "Spiral Slider Dolly - Katana" Is Demonstrated

2014.11.19 UP


The showpiece that is the Cinemax (5001) Spiral Slider Dolly "Katana" with CD-5 Dolly is being exhibited at Inter BEE 2014.
In addition to to being able to set up "Katana" in confined spaces, its price and rental fees are low. Developed in-house in 2012, the product's special feature is that it allows for filming in even confined spaces such as around modeled objects. At the current exhibition, "Katana" is being displayed in conjunction with a variety of other equipment. One example is equipment that allows for Y-axis movement in addition to simultaneous lift and turn movements carried out by the cameraman and staff in charge of focus. Combined with the CD-5 Dolly, "Katana" allows for the same range of movements like the Panther Dolly, making cost reduction possible.