Inter BEE 2016 TV: TAKE announces new product "FL-1200", flexible LED light that can be bent up to 60 degrees, allowing dimming of 1-100%, and excellent color rendering realizes high output of 1200W.

2016.11.17 UP


TAKE is participating at Inter BEE 2016 held at Makuhari Messe for three days from November 16 (Wednesday) to 18 (Friday) in collaboration with TOV Japan and KONOVA and is announcing the new product "FL-1200", a flexible LED light. The company commercialized 600W flexible lights last year and had a big response with shipping hundreds of units. This time the company succeeded in creating 1200W lights. It can be freely bent to an angle of 60 degrees. It is lightweight and convenient for outdoor shooting. The color rendering is excellent (Ra97) and conversion from 3200K to 5600K in bicolor is possible. Dimming from 1% to 100% is also possible. We are improving it and making modifications to it such as the AC code so that it can be used in Japan. It is being sold in various countries.

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