【Inter BEE 2013】Japan Material unveils "VidiGo Live" a 12 input 2 output multi-camera video production system for the first time in Japan

2013.11.15 UP

Multi-camera live video production system
Japan Material booth

Japan Material booth

At Inter BEE (held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, 11/13 - 15), Japan Material (booth number: 8002), debuted "VidiGo Live" for the first time in Japan. A product from Holland's VidiGo, "VidiGo Live" is a studio automation system using multi-camera live video that provides AV workflow for PC based digital video broadcasting.  

■ Multi-camera live video production system "VidiGo Live"
 "VidiGo Live" is a studio automation system that uses intuitive multi-camera live TV production software. It features a video switcher, audio mixer, video player and a graphics engine capable of real-time playback of Adobe Flash graphics, making it both compact and feature rich, perfect for use as a production tool on location shoots. And, it can be packed into one flight case for transport.
 There are 12 SD/HD-SDI video input channels, 2 SD/HD-SDI video output channels, and 8 channels for SDI and digital audio input and output. Supported file types are MPEG-1 Layer II and III, and linear WAVE files (16 bit, 48 KHz, stereo). Video file formats include MPEG-2, DV-AVI, MXF.
 As a spokesperson explained, since it can playback Adobe Flash graphics in real time "even without any special knowledge you can easily create subtitles and animations and combine them with your video." They added that "touch panel controls are another feature."

 There are also additional applications that can be used with VidiGo Live to completely automate a TV program's progression. "VidiGo Live Assist" can be used to easily drag and drop necessary resources like DVE, key effects, camera selection, graphics, backgrounds, voice feeds and clip playback into a program's progression chart. "VidiGo Toolbox" is a desktop capture tool that can capture WEB content from YouTube, Google Earth, Skype etc., as well as other PC content and put it on the air.

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