Inter BEE 2015 K-WILL debuts video quality evaluation system w/ 4K format support

2015.11.16 UP

First look at the VP4000 video quality evaluation system

First look at the VP4000 video quality evaluation system

 K-WILL will be debuting its VP4000 4K video quality evaluation system at Inter BEE 2015, held from Nov. 18 (Wed.) to Nov. 20 (Fri.) at the Makiharu Messe convention center. The company will also have a variety of other new products on display at its Inter BEE booth, No. 2614 ( in Hall 2).

■First look at the VP4000 4K video quality evaluation system
 Heir to the well-received VP21H standard HD video quality evaluation system, the VP4000 video evaluation system supports the 4K format.
 The VP4000 adjusts timelines on 2160/59.94p full-sample 4K-standard video as well as other evaluated video for perfect image matching. Using the PSNR metric and an evaluation method based on the ITU-T J.144 standard, the system calculates an objective evaluation of image quality (DSCQS). The system is perfect for encoder evaluations, active/standby comparisons, bank surveillance, and more.
 Visitors to InterBEE 2015 can visit the K-WILL booth to experience the capabilities of the VP4000 hands-on.

■ProQ2000 single-stimulus noise detection software
 Also on display is the ProQ2000 analyzer, which can accurately detect block noise, line noise, hard-to-detect minor noise, instantaneous noise, and more on baseband signals inputted at a PC workstation.
 Visitors to the K-WILL booth can also experience the ProQ2000's error capture function hands-on.

■The QuMax series of automatic quality monitors
 The latest in the PROBE300 series of quality-control solutions from K-WILL, the new double-stimulus PROBE300D offers full-reference evaluation (ITU-T J.144 KDDI method, the Emmy Awards) to detect even single-pixel errors.

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