【Inter BEE 2013】Vitec Videocom ― Sachtler's new product: showcasing the System ACE L GS CF, achieving a 500 g weight reduction through the use of carbon fiber material

2013.11.13 UP

The new System ACE L GS CF (tripod) from Sachtler

 Vitec Videocom (booth: 7104) was created from the merger of Sachtler Japan and Vinten Japan. The merger will build synergy based on Vitec Videocom’s ability to handle the products of both companies. This year represents the new company's first showing at InterBEE. In addition to Vinten and Sachtler products, the Vitec Videocom booth is exhibiting products from Artemis, Petrol, Litepanels, Vinten Radamec, Camera Corps, and other brands.
 Also on display at the exhibition is the new System ACE L GS CF from Sachtler. The new product improves upon the features of its predecessor, the ACE M. The tripod component, previously made from aluminum, is now constructed of carbon fiber, achieving an overall weight reduction for the system of approximately 500 g. The previous model offered five steps of head counterbalance, but the System ACE L GS CF supports seven-step counterbalance adjustment. Pressing the level switch causes the level to illuminate. The product has a list price of ¥150,000.