Inter BEE 2016 TV: Audio-Technica showcases infrared mic system, 31-frequency concurrent operable AT Wireless 6000 Series and more

2016.11.25 UP

Dante Network System

Dante Network System

IR Microphone System

IR Microphone System

Wireless 6000 Series

Wireless 6000 Series

 Audio-Technica exhibited four products at Inter BEE 2016, its IR (infrared) Microphone System, the ATUC-50 Series Digital Discussion System, the AT wireless 6000 Series, and the Dante Network System.

■IR Microphone System
 New features include a metallic white system antenna and automatically compensating cable length. System microphones are lighter and shorter.

■ATUC-50 Series Digital Discussion System
 This system allows a mix of automatic and manual operation, and was developed in collaboration with other companies.

■AT Wireless 6000 Series
 The 6000 Series is a wireless system operating on a dedicated band capable of simultaneous operation on 31 frequencies between 710-1400MHz.

■Dante Network System
 A collaboration with Dante System Dante microphones.

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